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Mission & Values


The Sigma Phi Experience
The Sigma Phi Society is a valued and vital influence on the lives of our alumni and active members. The rich experiences offered through unique leadership opportunities, along with our caring, involved alumni, serve as the underpinnings of tradition at the Alpha of Vermont.

At UVM, Sigma Phi has shaped the collegiate experience for hundreds of alumni, providing an education far beyond the classroom. Leadership, compromise, tolerance, and commitment to tradition are all tenets advanced in Sigma Phi. Whether in careers, community, or family life, the Sig experience serves to make our members more prepared for life.

Sigma Phi and UVM
Realizing the importance of our relationship to the University of Vermont, Sigma Phi undergraduates and alumni strive to hold leadership positions on campus. As it has been from the start, the influence of Sigma Phi brothers pervades many aspects of college life at UVM. Our commitment of volunteer and financial support of our alma mater is a proud and continuing legacy of Sigma Phi at the University of Vermont.

In diversity lies strength. Our members have diverse academic interests, extracurricular pursuits, social and political views, home states and countries. But we all share the common bond of the Sigma Phi experience, and of our experience at UVM. In this environment upper classmen benefit from the enthusiasm of new brothers, while passing down the traditions and values which we hold dear.

Baird's Manual of American College Fraternities states that: "While each fraternity claims for itself that its alumni are more than unusually loyal, yet each would probably be glad to see an increase in the strength of the tie that unites its graduate and undergraduate members and Sigma Phi is really entitled to preeminence in this respect.”

This "preeminence” is clearly evident throughout our history. Oliver Hewlett Hicks V'1869, enriched the Society and contributed to the long history of appreciation for the spoken word by initiating the "Hicks Oratorical” contest, which is a regular highlight of annual national Conventions. By his efforts, Hicks ensured that public speaking and the art of oratory would never cease to be part of our legacy.

Principles and Values
Sigma Phi is a society of principles and values. Through embracing these principles and values, Sigma Phi has always been a society of leaders. On campus it is our charge to be leaders, cultivate the intellect, and develop personal character.

Where our traditional principles and values intersect with the 21st century expectations of students, parents and college officials, there must be a congruence which embraces new operational and programmatic standards. Perpetuating our values, advancing our traditions, and continuing our legacy of service to UVM, Vermont and the world while maintaining Sigma Phi's relevance and vitality are our goals.